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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Even more tips

This is more for the social side. It's fresher's pretty much all over the country so I thought I'd give you guys a few tips for surviving the madness.

Get acquainted with your university and campus beforehand (take a trip up there with your parents or friends) especially if you are living on campus, get to know the halls and area of the uni so you'll feel more confident.

Try to find out whether anyone at all you know is going to your university. If you can't call or text them all why not just put 'anyone going 2 UCL?' as your MSN, Myspace or Facebook screen name? This will be sure to grab any one going's attention and then if you find someone you know should be there then hurray! You'll be less nervous.

Have money, passport photos, passport and mobile with you- this way you won't be in trouble if you should need any information whilst filling out forms. Make sure you don't leave home anything important, like your ID card, driver license, cellphone or anything else you feel you'll need.

Get to know as many people as you can. Don't stick to one person, broaden out! But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't make real connections with people; just don't narrow your choice of friends down too early on.

Don't only make friends with people on your course or a similar course because you may find your new best friend or new partner studying something completely different to you.

Sign up to any clubs that slightly interest you, and don't worry you are not expected to follow through on all of those plans just have them there as a back up, you may pick 3 clubs to join and only join one- that's just fine.

Avoid getting drunk or swearing excessively or being too easy/flirtatious around people this can be quite off putting and really you won't regret it in the long run. Remember first impressions count, so don't make yours a lousy one.

Enjoy freshers week. There are also some good sides in it: there is no real education involved, and it is purely implemented to let students familiarize themselves with their surroundings and build friendships before the official term!


  1. Lot of good tips there, thanks I will share them with my friends

  2. some are good..but i hv no school now :o

  3. You're totally right about avoiding excessive drunk and sweraing. Good read.

  4. Stay indoors, outside is scary.