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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Few more tips for students

Bake shit - From experience, buying pizza's, from anywhere, can be expensive. From a Tesco Express you can get 3 for £5. At one point they bumped it up to £6, but then dropped it after realising how much of a fucking rip off that was. If you go to a big Tescos, they normally do like a 12 inch pizza for £1. Plain cheese however.

But for £5, you can buy all your own ingredients and make your own pizza's. A friend of mine done that all of last year and made some tasty looking stuff. And with the dough left over, made cheesy garlic balls. After buying all the stuff you need and want for your own pizza's, you can get about 4 9inch pizza's. They'll probably be more healthy then that Tesco crap anyway.

Cakes are always a good way to go when you want to treat yourself. You can normally get a mix for £1 in certain place's. I think it's a Betty Croker mix, don't quote me on that. But the end result is a nice mix of chocolate sponge, and if you have it, a nice layer of choc spread. Seriously, buying cheap chocolate bars, or spreads, can be a great way of adding more chocolatey goodness to your cake

Night's out - Ok, biggest part of uni right? Also the best way to blow all your money. Sure, freshers, go crazy, it what you money is there for, but after that is when you need to start watching you bank balance.

Obviously, as everyone should know, pre-drinks is a great money saver. And obviously, you go to the bars and clubs that have student nights on (If you're lucky, that's one every night of the week). But, don't forget to look out for deals. See those guy's and gal's handing out flyers for their club? Actually take one and look at it. Normally they offer a free drink or shot and saving your self a couple of quid each night will add up over the months. Let's say you get one free drink and a drink in said club costs £2.50. With that £2.50 you can buy 2 pints of milk, a loaf of bread and an energy drink for the morning after. Seems like a good bit of saving there.

Normally picking up a leaflet in a bar or club can get you at least one free drink. And if your uni is good, you should get some free stuff off clubs and cafe's in your fresher pack.


  1. Though not a student anymore, a lot of these tips are excellent for the minimalist lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks ! will try this

  3. wow you need to shop somewhere cheaper for pizzas 0.o you can get them for £1 each...

  4. Tesco is bullshit. They raised the price of their energy drinks, then dropped them again since everyone thought 'fuck that'. fuckin' tesco

  5. Too bad all that food makes you fat.

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  7. Showing some support, thanks for the advice.