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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Second round of freshers tips

Don’t stick around the same people, there is lots of time to get to know everyone, try and meet as many people as you can in the first week. You may grow out of the first people you meet or they may grow out of you!

Try not to pay for clubs at the sports and activities fair, you may not enjoy them, try giving it a go first, or wait a day or so before handing over your money.

Don’t be tricked by anything that isn’t really free at the Fresher’s Fair, make sure you only grab what is truly free and doesn’t require signing up to some mailing list etc.

Try and go to as many events and activities as you can in Fresher’s Week, it doesn’t matter if it is tiring.

When you move in leave your door open while you unpack – in fact keep it open all the time you are awake in your room, even if you’re doing a bit of work, it’s always nice to appear friendly to your neighbours.

Don’t get so drunk you throw up all the time, try out more than just nightclub activities, as you get into your 2nd and 3rd years you will be less able to go out at night and outdoor activities and interests will become more appealing.

Talk to as many random people as you can, as you queue for things etc.

Try not to moan about things, people like optimists!

Don’t hide away in your room, its unlikely people will find you there.

Try avoiding any friends from home for the first week or so, it will be harder to make new friends if you are always going for the friends you know.

Take along some DVDs you know are popular and some music to play in your room.

Decorate your room with posters and other homely artefacts; usually there will be a poster fair at your union.

Don’t be scared to do things or go to clubs alone.

Once you gain your Student Card, make sure it is welded into your wallet, don’t go anywhere without it! (Seriously!)

Use protection if you find yourself having some Fresher’s Week sex.

Keep yourself looking clean and smart throughout Fresher’  week, shower, brush your teeth etc daily!


  1. I once lost my student card because i was keeping it in one of my books.
    I also had to pay for a new one ;_;

  2. thanks so much, i'm sure this will come in handy.

  3. Ah, such good advice came a year late for me. Keep up the good work mate!

  4. Door open in the dorms; best advice I can give. It's like a giant party house and you're not a part of it if your door is closed!

  5. Useful info bro!

  6. Relevant to my interests, thanks for this.

  7. American schools sound just like they do in the movies, ts so different down here in Aus, however that rule about the student card, my god i complete agree my friend lost one and it cost them $60 to replace...